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What are autoflowering cannabis seeds?

Autoflowering seeds provide an easy and rewarding harvest of high quality cannabis without the need for a change in light cycles or removal of male plants. Grown outdoors, these varieties can produce two or more harvests in the course of a normal summer. Under lights, they are capable of going from seedling to full maturity in as little as ten weeks.

However, autoflowering cannabis is not new; it has existed in the form of Cannabis ruderalis J. for many thousands of years. Though the wild variety has negligible amounts of psychoactive cannabinoids, modern advances in breeding enable the strength and flavour of Cannabis indica and Cannabis sativa strains to be combined with Cannabis ruderalis, creating autoflowering cannabis varieties of great potency and vigor.

Ideal for gardeners with limited space, time or energy (such as medicinal cannabis users) the feminized autoflowering strains available from WeedSeedShop are an excellent choice for any gardener.


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