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How long does it take for an order to be processed?

Orders are processed as soon as we receive your payment. Receipt of your payment may take longer depending on which payment method you have selected.

Credit card payments are by far the quickest. If you have paid by credit card you can expect your order to be shipped the next working day.

bank transfer will take up to 5 working days to arrive. If you haven’t included your 12-digit reference number in the transfer details it will take slightly longer to process your payment.

Cash payments will take up to 28 days to arrive. It is imperative you send your cash payment by REGISTERED mail. This helps ensure that your cash payment reaches its destination. Due to the questionable security of sending cash by mail, we strongly advise you to consider the two other payment options.

Depending on the shipping options you arrange, it might take anywhere from 2 to 10 days for an order to be delivered, depending on local postal services. Postal services work differently in different countries; some are significantly faster than others. Please note that we cannot provide you with information on delivery times.

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