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How long does it take to process and ship my order?

We’ll start processing your order as soon as payment is received. Receipt of your payment may take longer, depending on the payment method you’ve selected.

Credit card payments are the quickest option. If you’ve paid by credit card you can expect your order to be shipped the next working day.

Bank transfers can take up to 5 working days to be approved. If you haven’t included your 12-digit reference number in the transfer details, this may delay the processing of your payment.

Cash payments can take up to 28 days to be approved. All cash must be sent by REGISTERED mail, as this helps ensure that your payment reaches us safely. Due to the questionable security of sending cash by mail, we strongly recommend you to consider the two other payment options.

Shipping time estimates

From the moment your order is shipped, your order is likely to take between 2 to 10 days to arrive, depending on the shipping option you’ve selected. Postal services vary from country to country, and some may deliver more quickly than others. 

Please note, we cannot provide information on delivery times. However, if you’ve selected ‘secure international shipping’, you will be provided with a tracking number. Additionally, we’ve noticed that secure international shipping is sometimes prioritised by postal services, which may reduce the delivery time.

You can check your order status at any time.

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