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What’s the difference between Indoor, Indoor/Greenhouse and Outdoor strains?

Cannabis strains, as well as being categorized by their Indica and Sativa content, can also be categorized as Indoor, Indoor/Greenhouse, and Outdoor cannabis strains.

Indoor cannabis strains

Indoor cannabis strains are, in the Northern hemisphere, generally only intended for growing indoors with artificial light. The optimal light conditions available indoors will allow these strains to reach their full potential.It is possible to grow these indoor cannabis seeds outdoors if you live in a warm, sunny climate, such as the Southern hemisphere, equatorial regions, the tropics and subtropics.

Indoor / greenhouse cannabis strains

Indoor and greenhouse strains are suitable for the widest range of growing conditions. Indoor/Greenhouse cannabis seeds may be grown indoors with artificial lights just as successfully as the regular Indoor strains.
In the Northern European spring and summer, they may be grown in a greenhouse with just the power of the sun. In Southern Europe and throughout the Southern hemisphere they may also be grown outdoors with great success.

Outdoor cannabis strains

Outdoor cannabis strains are those that may be grown outside during spring and summer, even in Northern Europe. Of course, these varieties will also flourish elsewhere, but their hardiness and early-flowering tendencies will allow them to ripen even in a short, cool summer. In the northern hemisphere, WeedSeedShop outdoor cannabis seeds are usually able to finish flowering by September or October.

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