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Will all of my seeds germinate?

WeedSeedShop understands that the number of cannabis seeds that germinate out of each pack is of paramount importance to customers. For this reason germination is one of the company’s most rigorously checked standards. WeedSeedShop regularly tests the germination rates of all its cannabis seed lines. Most of the time, 90 to 100% of tested seeds germinate without any problems when the recommended germination technique is used. On the rare occasions that a batch of seeds displays a below-standard germination rate (when only around 75% -80% of the seeds germinate), that batch is removed and replaced with new seeds from the same breeding line before the sub-standard seeds even reach the shops.

Despite this, since cannabis seeds – like all seeds – are living material, WeedSeedShop cannot offer guarantees on germination rates, or promise that every seed in every pack will germinate. Nature does not allow the company to be able to make such absolute statements, and it would be misleading to customers to try to do so. However, WeedSeedShop can assure customers that all WeedSeedShop-branded cannabis seeds are viable as well as correctly stored and handled while they are in possession of the company. Therefore when they reach the customer directly from WeedSeedShop, 90 – 100% of the seeds in each pack should germinate when the recommended germination method is used.

Post point-of-sale there are too many factors that are beyond the control of WeedSeedShop for the company to be able to extend assurances on what percentage of seeds will germinate. However, should customers experience disappointing germination rates, they are requested to please contact the Customer Service department with their feedback.

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