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Which strains are your fastest / biggest yielding / most compact?

One of the most frequently asked questions is “Which strains are your fastest, biggest yielding, most compact?” Nearly all Weed Seed Shop Indica and mostly-Indica varieties fall into these categories, with certain cannabis seed strains being particularly good performers in one or more of these areas.

For ultimate high-yielding cannabis types, Big Bud® consistently lives up to its name by producing enormous, chunky colas in great profusion. Growers should be prepared to have to support the branches in the later stages of flowering so that the gigantic buds of this Skunk-infused Afghani monster do not snap them. Fruity Juice is a perfect balance of Thai and Afghani genetics, creating one of the fastest, biggest yielding strains to be found in the middle of the Indica/Sativa spectrum. Fruity Juice is the ideal choice for obtaining large harvests of cannabis that has an uplifting, energizing effect alongside the relaxing stone. Both Fruity Juice and Big Bud require flowering times of around ten weeks to achieve their full, enormous potential.

However, for some cannabis enthusiasts the length of  the flowering time is of equal or greater importance. If this is the case, there are some Weed Seed Shop cannabis types with slightly lower yields but significantly shorter flowering periods. Cannabis seeds that fall into this category include the various Skunk strains, and most varieties with a high Afghani component in their genetic background. Northern Lights and Maple Leaf Indica are especially delicious examples of the fastest, biggest yielding strains, and their seven to eight week flowering period could allow a whole extra harvest per year.

For easy searching and comparing of all the different cannabis seed strains that can be considered the fastest, biggest yielding and most compact, simply use the filter options that appear in the left column when browsing in the seed section of this website.

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